Table Talk Radio 5/29/16 …. Politics and more

Host Tanisha Simpkins, Co-Host Lawanna Jones, and Co-Host George Rich

Guest: Candidate Whitney Rawls Broward, Fl District 92 and Guest: Pastor Eric Readon
Topics: Community Development, Communiy involvement, Solution for Violence… etc
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About This Mom Thing!

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When I first thought of having a child and family, I never expected to do it alone.

It’s been 12 years I’ve been a single parent and 12 years it has its ups and downs. There were times I thought or questioned am I doing this right. We strive to be the best parent, we always want to make sure all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted, and it’s not until they grow older you know where you missed the mark.

I reflect how pleased I am of my mother, a child having a baby! However, she knew the importance of providing and that she accomplished all too well.  But as a mother, we must know that’s not the only thing that matters.  Many times we forget to support, show emotions with hugs and kisses, and communicate often.

So About This Mom Thing I can only say I’m doing my best from what I know and striving always to be better.

Mom, Tanisha Simpkins

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