Surviving it all

Having favor but at the same living homelessSURVIVING

Having favor but at the same time you aggravated

Having favor but at the same time you unemployed

Having favor but at the same time feelings of loneliness

Regardless what’s going on around you, trust and believe you are favored

There are assignments you have been chosen, in fear you ask, Lord why me?

Surviving it all

Having favor but at the same time feeling misunderstood

Having favor but at the same time in sickness

Having favor but at the same time failed relationships

Having favor but at the same time but don’t know how to exhale

Regardless what’s going on around you, trust and believe you are favored

Your season may have changed but God is the same God that has keep you.

God will use it for good.

Surviving it all

Keep your fire, continue stay in the race, and continue to praise Him, continue your work in the kingdom

Keep your confidence in knowing there is a restoration period.

Yes, in spite of the fact that we would be sad, fearful, doubting, anxious, and sinful people, he favored us. You are anointed for Victory!!!

My prayer is that your heart be strengthen, and know you will survive it all

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So you thought everything was going well then to find yourself on a one way street of love. You know the kind when you’re doing all the giving of affection. The kind when you’re making all the calls. The kind when you only hear your voice of encouragement. The kind of love when you start to feel lonely. Finally you say, ” I give up”

That can be exhausting, these are the people who only like to celebrate themselves, have you feeling only their job or career is more important, and those who are too busy for love.

When you find yourself on a One Way Street of Love , you can pull to the side and allow them to make a U-turn to your side of the street then cruise together or  keep it moving.

love street

There are some of us in the body of Christ just won’t give praise in church for nothing.

At the same time desperate for praise. You think maybe they need to know how to praise. 
They look around at others thinking she/he must be going through or if I do this or do that
everyone knows something is not right in my life. It can be in the gut of their belly and they won’t open their mouth for nothing…… Knowing there’s deliverance in their praise they still won’t say nothing. I was like that some years ago then I heard this song in 2005 by Dorinda Clark-Cole “I got a reason” It woke up my spirit of praise and gratefulness.

Now I’m just glad I made it through some of my most difficult storms and heartaches.

I praise Him through crying, shouting, screaming his praise of hallelujah, declarations,
prophesying, clapping of hands, walking the floor, petitions, or just raising my hands.

I don’t know about nobody else but it energizes me when I give God praise, I love to sing his praises,
 I love to just think on God. He always comes to my rescue. Knowing their is favor in praise I can’t help
 but praise Him.

By Tanisha Simpkins

desperate praise


I was listening to someone on a conference call and they made mention of “Church Superstars”.  Do we really have those? I begin to think of my the place I worship hummm.    I asked my Pastor friends and they immediately named someone in their congregation.

My question to them afterwards was, what make them stand out? here’s their response.

Superstars always like to be seen or recognized. They let it be known “I’m a big giver’

Superstars like talking about how important their time and life is.

Superstars have known cliques where they always give special mention and rewards their friends however identifying them as a followers or admirers.

Superstars only invite those they think are more important  to private events while the
“regular” hear about it later and feel unappreciative.

Superstars make their authority known. Do things without asking and expecting not to be approached.

What ever decisions are made by the Pastor the superstar will give them a personal phone call with their critic being good if for their benefit or negative because their not included. (most common response from Pastors)

They talk to leaders about other members but never offer the truth about their own lives. When they are done with you so is their clique.

As a leader we serve in different capacities of the church Sunday after Sunday lets not be recognized as a Superstar. Speak to everyone by coming early.

Stop trying to have a common relationship with the Pastor and wife. Friends are good Closed Cliques can be intimidating. We must show ourselves friendly to be friendly when we reaching out to bring those to Christ.

And lastly, Superstars stop saying you can be the better person for everything and allow the others gifts to be used, encourage instead of criticize

** A Superstar reading this like I don’t know who she think she talking to… We just Talking Church