It’s Complicated

its complicated statusThe frustration from a messed up beginning will truly takes its toll. Normally only one person pursues.

When dating you see on social media relationship status “It’s Complicated”  we just hanging out or something. You go back and forth as friends and back to hanging out over and over again. When someone ask about your relationship you say “It’s Complicated”

It’s Complicated is sometimes a status of our faith.

A loss or tragedy can sometimes rob us of our faith, and have you in that ” stuck in a moment ” mode.  You call it Complicated.

You left the church with hurt and want to come back but scared of trusting, you call it Complicated.

Living on and off the fence:  going to church, faithful to the ministry, and in a prayer group… You keep giving into temptation, your life is a contradiction. Hoping no one finds out. You say to yourself It’s Complicated.

Even in a marriage no more communicating, no togetherness, just roommates… you tell everyone It’s complicated

God pursues us! He desires us to be devoted and married to Him. He wants more than a half relationship or half dating .. He wants Exclusive Total Commitment. God’s Love and Grace will see you through.

Update your status……..

Desperate for Praise

There are some of us in the body of Christ just won’t give praise in church for nothing.

At the same time desperate for praise. You think maybe they need to know how to praise. 
They look around at others thinking she/he must be going through or if I do this or do that
everyone knows something is not right in my life. It can be in the gut of their belly and they won’t open their mouth for nothing…… Knowing there’s deliverance in their praise they still won’t say nothing. I was like that some years ago then I heard this song in 2005 by Dorinda Clark-Cole “I got a reason” It woke up my spirit of praise and gratefulness.

Now I’m just glad I made it through some of my most difficult storms and heartaches.

I praise Him through crying, shouting, screaming his praise of hallelujah, declarations,
prophesying, clapping of hands, walking the floor, petitions, or just raising my hands.

I don’t know about nobody else but it energizes me when I give God praise, I love to sing his praises,
 I love to just think on God. He always comes to my rescue. Knowing their is favor in praise I can’t help
 but praise Him.

By Tanisha Simpkins

desperate praise