This Place

This morning I was thinking of my daughter and how she was going to the 6th grade. I began to praise myself as a good parent and having a good support system. I began to praise myself when having financial situation was still able to maintain and give my kids what was needed. I was praising myself for being a single parent when I didn’t ask or expected from my life. What a good cry that was!!

….then I was reminded; I’m not in this place because I’m so strong but because God has more strength who was I to give myself credit for being so strong and this super mom

I’m in this place because if I fought that battle he couldn’t have … I’m in this place because I know who I am and the God that I serve. I’m in this place because I put  all my trust and hope in him. I’m in this place because I give my worship to him as an offering. I’m in this place because I don’t run around like chick little syndrome” the sky is falling’ but having trust in God with Everything. You thinking well ok…..But wait! it took complete liberation and hands up to get here.

Some would say to me ‘Tanisha you walk like you have no care in the world.. I say to them ‘God got it’. The glimpse of my destiny God has shown me is greater than my worries.

This week my devotional song has been by Tamela Mann ‘This Place. Thank God for revealing why this song was placed in my heart. Thanks to Pastor John Adolph prayer line confirmation. He kept mentioning this place coming from Exodus 14:10-14. I’m In this place where critics, gossipers, disrespect, division can some from folks that I could talk with, sit by, work with and even pray for that I’m OK with. Fear not, Stand still, and Check out God. I am living my life in This Place

Here’s the caught, He moves us to greater, an even better place in him

Blogger Tanisha Simpkins


The Perfect Love

There’s Mercy and There’s Grace. What ever you need God has it. During our hard times of difficulties and stress, we must always know the love of God conquers all. It’s his perfect love that covers us from all danger and harm. His perfect love that protects us as a sun and shield to his believers. For we know there is no fear in love for God who so loves us. For we know to serve Him with our whole heart which cost nothing, that truly doesn’t compare to how He love us. From the lost of loved one’s, pain of life struggles or the despair of things lost what a great feeling to be love by God. For we know God is love. 

God’s love is perfected (made complete; brought to fruition)

God’s perfect love precedes any love we possess

Tanisha Simpkins



Do you believe in miracles? I do

I’m sitting here reading my Sunday School lesson and I remember today was a day God gave me a miracle.
11 years on this day ..I cried out to God to conceive a child. Me and my husband had been trying for a year and nothing happened. 1 failed miscarriage. We resulted in help from the IVF clinic in our area. Failure and frustration was creating a toil on the marriage. We decided to stop for a while. After a month on March 23, 2003 there was a baby dedication and I was crying all over the place… My husband sat in silence because he knew why. The preacher (my current Pastor) gave an excellent sermon “ Let go and Let God…. We both went to alter for prayer. We went home and was intimate, immediate the Lord showed me a baby face, as beautiful as it could be…. My husband was acting some type of way, so I asked” did the Lord visit you, He said, ‘Yes.
2 weeks later felt symptoms of pregnancies, went to doctor and confirmed I was pregnant. The date on the sonogram of conception was March 23, 2003 … and every time I had one it always stated the same date.
Its these miracles that happen in our lives that we keep hope on the inside when uncertainties and circumstance come.
To know He is able to do exceedingly anything we could ask ….