RELATIONSHIP 204 EPISODE: Life is Simple.. but We Make It Complicated


Why 204 because 101 can be basic and most relationships are complicated!
Host Tanisha Simpkins, John Momplaisir, Schkena Screen, Louis Johnson, Gerald Burkhalter
Show Topic: Life is Simple.. but We Make It Complicated
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Love On a One Way street

So you thought everything was going well then to find yourself on a one way street of love. You know the kind when you’re doing all the giving of affection. The kind when you’re making all the calls. The kind when you only hear your voice of encouragement. The kind of love when you start to feel lonely. Finally you say, ” I give up”

That can be exhausting, these are the people who only like to celebrate themselves, have you feeling only their job or career is more important, and those who are too busy for love.

When you find yourself on a One Way Street of Love , you can pull to the side and allow them to make a U-turn to your side of the street then cruise together or  keep it moving.

love street

Inspired to Love


God has a way of putting people in your life if only a season or a lifetime. I am inspired to love and be loved. Sometime we hold back waiting for the right time or when we feel we are ready, only to realize later God already had them placed there.

Let’s stop playing games with those who are for us…. for 10 years I used the words “I’ll just wait until this or that”  have been asked to be married twice in this process but always had an excuse: when my child get older, not changing church, fear they can’t provide my financial needs, moving from family…. sometimes there are right there in front of you, I had to ask God to open my eyes and I am glad about the journey that will begin.

Maybe I had to come to a better place in life and my relationship with God, right now I am Inspired to Love and be Loved. I like the sound of that.

Create a friendship where there is common ground of Jesus Christ and everything else falls in place.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

Be inspired to love and accept the love from those wanting to love you.

One of my favorite quotes ” Write your own story” create a happy ending. 

Tanisha Simpkins