RELATIONSHIP 204 EPISODE: Life is Simple.. but We Make It Complicated


Why 204 because 101 can be basic and most relationships are complicated!
Host Tanisha Simpkins, John Momplaisir, Schkena Screen, Louis Johnson, Gerald Burkhalter
Show Topic: Life is Simple.. but We Make It Complicated
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Relationship 202

Leading to marriage is hard work but its rewarding in the end. There are always things to remember to keep it steady. There are steps to follow to be consistent. There are actions that needs to be displayed.

Here are a few things to stay on the job:

1. Communicate your day with each other, friendship is a must

2. Recognize and compliment the small things

3. Remember you are both on the same team

4. As much as we want to believe .. neither are mind readers. Talk about your intention for each other

5. Don’t compare your relationship, you on the outside looking in

6. Please, Thank You, You Welcome goes a long way

Relationship 204

Starting a relationship can be difficult, happy, strange, exciting and even demanding. There are more words to describe but could take forever.

The moment there is disagreement there becomes an awkwardness among each other.

One person may want to give up. Why? because they feel disrespected, disappointed, unsure… and move on without reconciliation.

Communication is the Key… discuss how you will deal with the situation, because attacking surely doesn’t bring understanding.