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Dr. TL Penny
Dr. TL Penny

Table Talk with Guest Dr.TL Penny- The Love Navigator 12/02 by Table Talk with Tanisha Simpki | Entertainment Podcasts.


Inspired to Love


God has a way of putting people in your life if only a season or a lifetime. I am inspired to love and be loved. Sometime we hold back waiting for the right time or when we feel we are ready, only to realize later God already had them placed there.

Let’s stop playing games with those who are for us…. for 10 years I used the words “I’ll just wait until this or that”  have been asked to be married twice in this process but always had an excuse: when my child get older, not changing church, fear they can’t provide my financial needs, moving from family…. sometimes there are right there in front of you, I had to ask God to open my eyes and I am glad about the journey that will begin.

Maybe I had to come to a better place in life and my relationship with God, right now I am Inspired to Love and be Loved. I like the sound of that.

Create a friendship where there is common ground of Jesus Christ and everything else falls in place.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

Be inspired to love and accept the love from those wanting to love you.

One of my favorite quotes ” Write your own story” create a happy ending. 

Tanisha Simpkins

You will not cry this holiday season

I know so many of us miss our loved ones this season and every season to be exact. Please be cheerful and take thoughts of good times and memories. Don’t allow yourself to be so concerned they are not here to celebrate you or your loved ones but let’s be thankful for what is Now. It’s ok to remember but smile in the process you don’t have to cry.

Days to come will be Thanksgiving and it’s known as a time to be thankful, as everyday is but it the time we sit around the table and gives out thanks for the year.

Every year my daughter gives the prayer and I start out what I’m thankful for … normally everyone have similar thanks like health, job, life… but try something different this year and give a testimony to your family … gives thanks to each other for the advice that may have been given, monies given, encouragement, or just their presence. Recognize those who have gone. Finish with a song of praise. This is the tradition I will be starting this year .. family is important to me and I plan our holidays .. sound corny but I have a list of things we will do. I desire everyone to walk away feeling loved and blessed.

Have Happy Holiday


Tanisha Simpkins

One Focus One Mind

I have gotten a few questions as One Focus One Mind, my own campaign of Evangelism, so I replied back to this young lady

“A Month ago I was grieving the loss of my friend, someone I thought when I eventually move back to South Carolina and share my days with.
Figured, ok, will feel sad for a while then return back…. but it continued until the point I took time off work for a month in which no one knew.
A light went off, I have the same feeling and emotions I had almost 10 years ago … I dare not go back to the dark place of physically and emotional depression
A place where I thought I was losing my mind and my world was caving in.
After being delivered AGAIN from grieving (who knew it would happen again) the Lord spoke Focus on Him and Keep your mind on Him…..
Like any circumstance you either go through it or it takes you out
So everyday I post One Focus One Mind: and something that pertains to being healthy, getting enough sleep, devotion, stability,
all this that leads to getting folks to know God is our everything and having a stable and sound mind is connected to believing God.
I’m convinced If I experience it then I’m able to bear it …..
I know you thinking those are profound words when you are going through a divorce, foreclosure, heartbreak or even loneliness.
As believers we have to know that our focus is on who God is and what he can do. Being distracted about our health (it’s in God’s hand)
our kids (It’s in God’s hand), being criticized or even talked about( It’s in God’s hand) but trusting He is able,
Trusting that God loves us and is concern about us, Trusting on miracles, signs and wonders is enough to say you did it before you can do it again.
Our mid is to be sound and clear to the voice of God when He speak
Because our stories are not the same in life but similar we all are affected differently.

Having a sound mind is to be free .. that’s a preaching moment of what to be free from ..
I encourage you to read your bible, sing a new song daily, pray out loud (learn to pray), chose to not over-react, declare your victories, have your mind in Christ Jesus.

One Focus One MiStay-Focusednd

Church Girl vs Kingdom Woman

Not only do people around me see the change but I see a different kind of woman I have become in Christ. I mean I would hear women say ” I was raised in the 
church all my life but did not identify themselves as Kingdom Woman, but a church girl.

Church girl will say “I went to Sunday School every Sunday as a child, I know 
Kingdom Woman would just go to get something out of it and fellowship with otherwomen.

Church girl would feel entitled on the services and prayers of their ancestors,
especially grandparents.
Kingdom Woman shares her gifts and talents and prays for herself and others

Church girl does things to impress the house of God
Kingdom Woman works without recognition

Church girl wants the newest man in church
Kingdom woman are noticed

Church girl will call their leaders and talk about all the woman but lifting 
themselves up high
Kingdom woman know they are being talked about but will give it to God and 
continue to serve.

Church girl will form hate cliques
Kingdom woman will pray for the clique

Church girl refuse help with building fund feeling entitled her family help 
built the church
Kingdom woman knows that was then this is now

Church girl will have little secret relationships in the church
A man knows a Kingdom woman he will acknowledge her

I myself was a church girl when I was a girl, then as an adult I was still a
church girl.
I figured I grew up in church I’m saved my peoples got me, If I clubbed as-long as I made to church its ok, I had a boyfriend we lived together figured it was ok i’m still going to church. But thanks to growing in His word and
wanting to be developed as a Kingdom Woman I have matured in Christ.

We have a responsibility to help other woman in ministry or your local church,
being a mentor make sense.

I am a Kingdom Woman by Tanisha Simpkins

There are some of us in the body of Christ just won’t give praise in church for nothing.

At the same time desperate for praise. You think maybe they need to know how to praise. 
They look around at others thinking she/he must be going through or if I do this or do that
everyone knows something is not right in my life. It can be in the gut of their belly and they won’t open their mouth for nothing…… Knowing there’s deliverance in their praise they still won’t say nothing. I was like that some years ago then I heard this song in 2005 by Dorinda Clark-Cole “I got a reason” It woke up my spirit of praise and gratefulness.

Now I’m just glad I made it through some of my most difficult storms and heartaches.

I praise Him through crying, shouting, screaming his praise of hallelujah, declarations,
prophesying, clapping of hands, walking the floor, petitions, or just raising my hands.

I don’t know about nobody else but it energizes me when I give God praise, I love to sing his praises,
 I love to just think on God. He always comes to my rescue. Knowing their is favor in praise I can’t help
 but praise Him.

By Tanisha Simpkins

desperate praise


I was listening to someone on a conference call and they made mention of “Church Superstars”.  Do we really have those? I begin to think of my the place I worship hummm.    I asked my Pastor friends and they immediately named someone in their congregation.

My question to them afterwards was, what make them stand out? here’s their response.

Superstars always like to be seen or recognized. They let it be known “I’m a big giver’

Superstars like talking about how important their time and life is.

Superstars have known cliques where they always give special mention and rewards their friends however identifying them as a followers or admirers.

Superstars only invite those they think are more important  to private events while the
“regular” hear about it later and feel unappreciative.

Superstars make their authority known. Do things without asking and expecting not to be approached.

What ever decisions are made by the Pastor the superstar will give them a personal phone call with their critic being good if for their benefit or negative because their not included. (most common response from Pastors)

They talk to leaders about other members but never offer the truth about their own lives. When they are done with you so is their clique.

As a leader we serve in different capacities of the church Sunday after Sunday lets not be recognized as a Superstar. Speak to everyone by coming early.

Stop trying to have a common relationship with the Pastor and wife. Friends are good Closed Cliques can be intimidating. We must show ourselves friendly to be friendly when we reaching out to bring those to Christ.

And lastly, Superstars stop saying you can be the better person for everything and allow the others gifts to be used, encourage instead of criticize

** A Superstar reading this like I don’t know who she think she talking to… We just Talking Church

The Best is Yet to Come

There is a song written by Marvin Sapp “The Best in Me” Those are such motivating words to know if no one has your back God does. This song is a reminder that God is in control and he directs our path. When we become a new creature in Christ to Him you are simply his child, A Child of God.

Like any parent we only wants the best, like God he see our desire to be better, our thoughts to strive, our likeness in Him. He forgives and erases our past and present failures, and sins.

The authentic person is who He see.