Apologies can go a long way in changing the course of someone’s life. There are people waiting to be set free. Forgetting who the Son set free is free indeed.

The enemy would like nothing better than to rule the world. God does not want us in bondage or oppressed.  But for some it still takes apologies to be free.

For some apologies are to clear the air, clarify misunderstanding, or asking forgiveness of wrongful behavior.

John 8:30 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed

Don’t wait your whole life waiting for someone to apologize, you forgiving  is worth the freedom


Tanisha Simpkins, Blogger

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This Place

This morning I was thinking of my daughter and how she was going to the 6th grade. I began to praise myself as a good parent and having a good support system. I began to praise myself when having financial situation was still able to maintain and give my kids what was needed. I was praising myself for being a single parent when I didn’t ask or expected from my life. What a good cry that was!!

….then I was reminded; I’m not in this place because I’m so strong but because God has more strength who was I to give myself credit for being so strong and this super mom

I’m in this place because if I fought that battle he couldn’t have … I’m in this place because I know who I am and the God that I serve. I’m in this place because I put  all my trust and hope in him. I’m in this place because I give my worship to him as an offering. I’m in this place because I don’t run around like chick little syndrome” the sky is falling’ but having trust in God with Everything. You thinking well ok…..But wait! it took complete liberation and hands up to get here.

Some would say to me ‘Tanisha you walk like you have no care in the world.. I say to them ‘God got it’. The glimpse of my destiny God has shown me is greater than my worries.

This week my devotional song has been by Tamela Mann ‘This Place. Thank God for revealing why this song was placed in my heart. Thanks to Pastor John Adolph prayer line confirmation. He kept mentioning this place coming from Exodus 14:10-14. I’m In this place where critics, gossipers, disrespect, division can some from folks that I could talk with, sit by, work with and even pray for that I’m OK with. Fear not, Stand still, and Check out God. I am living my life in This Place

Here’s the caught, He moves us to greater, an even better place in him

Blogger Tanisha Simpkins


Let’s Pimp Your Life!!!

There use to be a show called ‘Pimp My Ride’ what reminded me of this show is because, There are so many speaking events and coaching seminars…………We you can just ask yourself these simple questions.

Do you know what’s best for you?     Where are you in your life?    What’s driving you Not to move forward?

In pimp my ride they would fix up the car with gadgets that appealed to the drivers lifestyle and hobbies. What about your pimp life?

Let’s Pimp Your Life!!!
Break down and empty the things that have no purpose.. Eliminate the unnecessary places that don’t benefit your purpose.

Add life with color by bettering your attitude knowing you have great intentions everyday.

Chrome out your outer with exercise, a makeover, new hair do or cut, brighten your teeth
Polish your skills ..even a coach needs coaching .. Make friends with a different group of people. Reading is the best tool.

In Pimp My Ride it’s all about the bass, so turn up the volume in your life by being happy, smile more, mediate more, take more driving trip with the radio turned up, pray a gratitude prayer every morning, create a recipe. Turn on the radio and just dance.

You have the key to start and control the wheel for destiny

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Do you believe in miracles? I do

I’m sitting here reading my Sunday School lesson and I remember today was a day God gave me a miracle.
11 years on this day ..I cried out to God to conceive a child. Me and my husband had been trying for a year and nothing happened. 1 failed miscarriage. We resulted in help from the IVF clinic in our area. Failure and frustration was creating a toil on the marriage. We decided to stop for a while. After a month on March 23, 2003 there was a baby dedication and I was crying all over the place… My husband sat in silence because he knew why. The preacher (my current Pastor) gave an excellent sermon “ Let go and Let God…. We both went to alter for prayer. We went home and was intimate, immediate the Lord showed me a baby face, as beautiful as it could be…. My husband was acting some type of way, so I asked” did the Lord visit you, He said, ‘Yes.
2 weeks later felt symptoms of pregnancies, went to doctor and confirmed I was pregnant. The date on the sonogram of conception was March 23, 2003 … and every time I had one it always stated the same date.
Its these miracles that happen in our lives that we keep hope on the inside when uncertainties and circumstance come.
To know He is able to do exceedingly anything we could ask ….

Enjoying the Journey


For some reason Aints feel Saints are not suppose to enjoy this thing called Life. There are so many things we could do but there are times we restrict ourselves being concerned with what others think. Now, don’t get me wrong we are to be separated but not isolated.

Getting together with friends going to movies, theater show, jazz performances, theme parks…continue to do

If you are a part of a ministry initiate some fun activities I’m sure someone has been waiting for it to happen. If you wanna meet new people create a social meet and greet.

Back in the days when you went out clubbing you went alone and meet new friends, so when there are social meet and greets for Christians do the same. If you’re single Date. Hope I don’t have to define what Date means lol. I enjoy this life … You only have one

So in my everyday strive I will make sure I enjoy this journey with a smile

Who’s Watching Part 2

So we know those who are not save watch us .. but what about  those already in the faith watching you

That’s a good thing.. There is something different and strange about you.

The anointing shows in your life and how you handle situations ….. They are watching thinking even though you are going through you declare to be an overcomer. They are watching thinking you don’t look nothing like what you been through.. They are watching how your testimony can encourage them. They are watching feeling I want what they have.

So when you gets stares don’t take them to heart, it’s good to be watched

Who’s Watching

Some folks are wanting to be approached about Jesus.. Sounds kind of crazy but it’s true.

They wanna know the God you talk so much about and post on Facebook.  But you have invite them to know Him … There is a saying ‘someone is always watching’ that’s true not necessarily to catch wrong doing but to be just like you.. to know Christ in you.

We should be satisfied in our spirit when we see others come to Christ or receive Deliverance.

Pay attention to who’s watching you and introduce them to the Almighty god

It’s Complicated

its complicated statusThe frustration from a messed up beginning will truly takes its toll. Normally only one person pursues.

When dating you see on social media relationship status “It’s Complicated”  we just hanging out or something. You go back and forth as friends and back to hanging out over and over again. When someone ask about your relationship you say “It’s Complicated”

It’s Complicated is sometimes a status of our faith.

A loss or tragedy can sometimes rob us of our faith, and have you in that ” stuck in a moment ” mode.  You call it Complicated.

You left the church with hurt and want to come back but scared of trusting, you call it Complicated.

Living on and off the fence:  going to church, faithful to the ministry, and in a prayer group… You keep giving into temptation, your life is a contradiction. Hoping no one finds out. You say to yourself It’s Complicated.

Even in a marriage no more communicating, no togetherness, just roommates… you tell everyone It’s complicated

God pursues us! He desires us to be devoted and married to Him. He wants more than a half relationship or half dating .. He wants Exclusive Total Commitment. God’s Love and Grace will see you through.

Update your status……..



Living in the Expectation of His Promises

living in expectation

Happy New Year 2014 is here. Let us press towards our goal

This year I am doing something different. Instead of a resolution I’m focusing on goals.

Goals that are not a waste of time but have a benefit in my life. I figured if you stay in mess you can’t get to where you need to be.

In this journey you will experience life changes and directions that take you off course.

My theme this year is to “Live in the Expectation of His promises”.

This requires research to know his promises. My assignment is to list at least 20 expectation I have this year and attach 2 promises. In our quest to do better we need the word to stand on. His promises are Yes and Amen.

Tanisha Simpkins



Put a smile on your face

I’ll start by saying its wonderful to see someone always smiling or just have a happy demeanor about themself.

I’m approached often smilethat I have a pretty smile, I believe it’s because I’m always smiling. They say you age more when you have frowns on your face. Belive it or not I look ten years younger than I am.

My request to by brothers and sisters in Christ is to smile often. Especially those who play an out front position or administration role. These are our first in contact, or first responders.

If you walk into a church and no one is smiling turn around and leave.

Leaders: If your members are always complaining you have a mean staff … change them

Pastors: If you constantly arguing with your leaders for understanding and having to uplift them about every situation …. someone else will be happy to serve

Let’s go into 2014 making changes for the good-by being happy and excited to serve.

We as Children of God should be Happy in Christ, Smile!

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