My Greatest Influence

Mother’s Day is approaching and many folks have high anxiety hoping they could cope with their mother or mother figure no longer in their presence.

Sometimes we don’t know how to channel our grief rather it’s been a year to ten years and more but the love is still there. The best thing to do for your loved one or friend who is experiencing this grief is to be there with your presence.

I would love to be able to say Happy Mother’s Day to my grandma, the strongest beautiful and sassy person I knew.  I know of many sacrifices’ she made to keep a smile on my face, many prayers she petition to keep me safe, and there were many times we would just sit and not say a word, being a comforter.

So yesterday I found myself exhausted not from tiresome but of wanting to hug or kiss from this special person, my Grandma Dot

I truly miss her .. and I’m always telling stories to my daughter about her so she could know what type of person she was.  Make Mother’s Day a happy day, there are many more people in our lives to celebrate who are here, that old saying give them their flowers while they’re still here.

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