You have to know when to hold and know when to fold

imagesCAMXMRHRWe can continue in a relationship thinking it would get better or change in our favor. When someone tells you something the first time, Believe them.

That’s our problem we don’t want to believe what they say and redefine their words. If you want more from a situation or relationship either put demands on it or move forward.

Being in a position of knowing who you are, why waste time.

If you ready to start a family or continue a family and your mate is still saying “friends” its time to throw that hand in ‘Fold’

If you have a desire to introduce yourself to someone …. throw fear away and do it

If any situation is not what you want, why settle to keep face. Write your own story, if that means using the eraser to wipe out some things or persons do it.

If you have something good, both agree what the future holds, those making an effort in your relationship ” Hold’Em’

Play with the hand you’re given, responsibly


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