Put a smile on your face

I’ll start by saying its wonderful to see someone always smiling or just have a happy demeanor about themself.

I’m approached often smilethat I have a pretty smile, I believe it’s because I’m always smiling. They say you age more when you have frowns on your face. Belive it or not I look ten years younger than I am.

My request to by brothers and sisters in Christ is to smile often. Especially those who play an out front position or administration role. These are our first in contact, or first responders.

If you walk into a church and no one is smiling turn around and leave.

Leaders: If your members are always complaining you have a mean staff … change them

Pastors: If you constantly arguing with your leaders for understanding and having to uplift them about every situation …. someone else will be happy to serve

Let’s go into 2014 making changes for the good-by being happy and excited to serve.

We as Children of God should be Happy in Christ, Smile!

Just Talking Church!



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