Note for Leaders: Birthing

 Note for Leaders:
Just as we are to evangelist those around us on our jobs, neighborhoods and city. The same for our leaders we should be birthing those in the ministry. 
It’s a shame if we haven’t birth anyone from a ministry .. you will know by theirs talents wanting to elevate or have shown great leadership ability.
Even as Pastors or Bishops, when was the last time you had a disciple or mentoring class. There are people waiting to be appointed.
Then there are people like me who will let you know .. but not everyone had the boldness of saying those words “I have been called, Now What”
Even the ones already in those position we have to revive their spirit, we have to pay attention to their lessons. We have to be giving honest feedback.
About 2 years ago a friend of mine allowed his associate minster to preach on a Sunday, doing this because everyone always had something negative to say
After service He realize, He was to blame. Thinking, how could I have someone teach or preach and not knowing if they were equipped. He was broken-hearted believing he failed as a leader. Like in a delivery room there are doctors or mid-wives that encourage and coach you in birthing. They know what’s in you must come out.
Sometimes leaders can to put so much pressure on the business of church forgetting to mentor those in their own church and pulpit. Will that person be like you as a leader? no but as a leader you will be proud they have shown themselves to be approved.  Why? preventing the teaching from those going outside the ministry bringing unknown doctrine in the ministry. 
Women’s ministry is always a good example of those birthed. Seriously, everyone woman in your women’s ministry is probably the great leaders in your church.
Birthing: Evangelist, Pastors, Admin, Leaders of Ministry, Teachers, Praise Worshippers, Prayer intercessor, Deacons, Mission Workers, Spiritual Counselors  and so on
Who are you birthing in your ministry?
Assignment: If you are a Pastor or leader of a ministry observe those around you on how you can assist in their birthing. What’s in them must come out, equipped. Cry out for those. Remember, Prayer is the birth canal of God’s purpose, His plan and His power!
We just talking church!

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