Church Folks: Not Every

We as Church Folks have to get out of the negative mindset we have for one another. We can be so judgemental not offering options but stares, harsh words, and gossip.

Not every person with confidence thinks they all that

Not every attractive woman is a Jezebel

Not every person who is nice craves attention

Not every person who is doing something others think is good is a show off

Not every single man looking at your kids

Not every single woman is desperate for marriage

Not every time someone teaches you have to validate or explain what they said. (We got it the first time)

Not every fault you see you have to make publicly known in and outside the church

“Tell your Haters” should not be a common phrase in a sermon

Lastly, now stop telling folks business that has confided in you. Telling the next person “don’t say nothing but… How heart breaking it is to find out your dreams or desires have been gossiped to others.

In a recent conversation a young lady said Tanisha my friends were better to me in the streets than church. Kinda lost for words only to relate to know what she’s talking about.  I said, “Well bring to church with you…. y’all will have a something great in common .. A Godly Friendship 





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