You will not cry this holiday season

I know so many of us miss our loved ones this season and every season to be exact. Please be cheerful and take thoughts of good times and memories. Don’t allow yourself to be so concerned they are not here to celebrate you or your loved ones but let’s be thankful for what is Now. It’s ok to remember but smile in the process you don’t have to cry.

Days to come will be Thanksgiving and it’s known as a time to be thankful, as everyday is but it the time we sit around the table and gives out thanks for the year.

Every year my daughter gives the prayer and I start out what I’m thankful for … normally everyone have similar thanks like health, job, life… but try something different this year and give a testimony to your family … gives thanks to each other for the advice that may have been given, monies given, encouragement, or just their presence. Recognize those who have gone. Finish with a song of praise. This is the tradition I will be starting this year .. family is important to me and I plan our holidays .. sound corny but I have a list of things we will do. I desire everyone to walk away feeling loved and blessed.

Have Happy Holiday


Tanisha Simpkins


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