One Focus One Mind

I have gotten a few questions as One Focus One Mind, my own campaign of Evangelism, so I replied back to this young lady

“A Month ago I was grieving the loss of my friend, someone I thought when I eventually move back to South Carolina and share my days with.
Figured, ok, will feel sad for a while then return back…. but it continued until the point I took time off work for a month in which no one knew.
A light went off, I have the same feeling and emotions I had almost 10 years ago … I dare not go back to the dark place of physically and emotional depression
A place where I thought I was losing my mind and my world was caving in.
After being delivered AGAIN from grieving (who knew it would happen again) the Lord spoke Focus on Him and Keep your mind on Him…..
Like any circumstance you either go through it or it takes you out
So everyday I post One Focus One Mind: and something that pertains to being healthy, getting enough sleep, devotion, stability,
all this that leads to getting folks to know God is our everything and having a stable and sound mind is connected to believing God.
I’m convinced If I experience it then I’m able to bear it …..
I know you thinking those are profound words when you are going through a divorce, foreclosure, heartbreak or even loneliness.
As believers we have to know that our focus is on who God is and what he can do. Being distracted about our health (it’s in God’s hand)
our kids (It’s in God’s hand), being criticized or even talked about( It’s in God’s hand) but trusting He is able,
Trusting that God loves us and is concern about us, Trusting on miracles, signs and wonders is enough to say you did it before you can do it again.
Our mid is to be sound and clear to the voice of God when He speak
Because our stories are not the same in life but similar we all are affected differently.

Having a sound mind is to be free .. that’s a preaching moment of what to be free from ..
I encourage you to read your bible, sing a new song daily, pray out loud (learn to pray), chose to not over-react, declare your victories, have your mind in Christ Jesus.

One Focus One MiStay-Focusednd


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