Church Girl vs Kingdom Woman

Not only do people around me see the change but I see a different kind of woman I have become in Christ. I mean I would hear women say ” I was raised in the 
church all my life but did not identify themselves as Kingdom Woman, but a church girl.

Church girl will say “I went to Sunday School every Sunday as a child, I know 
Kingdom Woman would just go to get something out of it and fellowship with otherwomen.

Church girl would feel entitled on the services and prayers of their ancestors,
especially grandparents.
Kingdom Woman shares her gifts and talents and prays for herself and others

Church girl does things to impress the house of God
Kingdom Woman works without recognition

Church girl wants the newest man in church
Kingdom woman are noticed

Church girl will call their leaders and talk about all the woman but lifting 
themselves up high
Kingdom woman know they are being talked about but will give it to God and 
continue to serve.

Church girl will form hate cliques
Kingdom woman will pray for the clique

Church girl refuse help with building fund feeling entitled her family help 
built the church
Kingdom woman knows that was then this is now

Church girl will have little secret relationships in the church
A man knows a Kingdom woman he will acknowledge her

I myself was a church girl when I was a girl, then as an adult I was still a
church girl.
I figured I grew up in church I’m saved my peoples got me, If I clubbed as-long as I made to church its ok, I had a boyfriend we lived together figured it was ok i’m still going to church. But thanks to growing in His word and
wanting to be developed as a Kingdom Woman I have matured in Christ.

We have a responsibility to help other woman in ministry or your local church,
being a mentor make sense.

I am a Kingdom Woman by Tanisha Simpkins


2 thoughts on “Church Girl vs Kingdom Woman

  1. That is so true. Honestly speaking I’m still finding my way, but I received the most clarity from Kinhdom Woman. I’m greatful for the women of God who weren’t judgemental. My oldest sister pull me to the side, and said things in a loving way. She told the truth about things I needed to hear. She didn’t talk down or make me feel less. The way she delivered the message to me, made the difference in how I received it, also my willingness to know better. Even though I have been in church my whole life. It’s like you said. I was just going through the motions. Now I hunger for better. Realizing Sunday school didn’t make me know everything. I’m making changes in my life as we speak. As woman we should always be willing to uplift each other, and strive for the strength to engourage ourselves as well

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